3 Reasons to Run the Flagstaff Marathon

By |Published On: September 8th, 2021|Categories: Flagstaff Marathon|

#3. Multiple Distances to Race (10k, ½ Marathon, Marathon, & Kids Kilo)

The Flagstaff Marathon offers more than just a marathon distance race. In total we offer 4 different distances including a Kids Kilo, 10k, ½ Marathon, and Marathon. Even though the name is Flagstaff Marathon we have a distance for everyone. If you’re a speedster that loves the trails, our 10k (the shortest adult distance we offer) is right up your alley. Maybe you’re more of an endurance lover but aren’t quite ready to run a marathon, then hop in our ½ marathon distance. Feeling ready to challenge yourself? If so, the marathon distance will offer that challenge you’re up for. Don’t forget to make the Flagstaff Marathon a family event by having the little ones duel it out in our Kids Kilo race!


#2. Location, location, location!

From the challenge of high altitude, to the near perfect weather, all the way to breathtaking views, the Flagstaff Marathon is hard to beat. The Flagstaff Marathon starts at a stunning elevation of 8,000ft making it a unique opportunity for everyone to challenge themselves. That elevation may be a challenge but it also provides premium weather conditions for racing a marathon. Escape the Phoenix heat and enjoy the October weather in Flagstaff with average daily highs between 57°F and 68°F. There are many reasons the Flagstaff Marathon is hosted at the Arizona Nordic Center but one of the top reasons has to be the breathtaking views. Throughout the race you’ll encounter beautiful Aspen, active wildlife, and picturesque views of the San Francisco Peaks. After the race venture into town and enjoy a delicious meal or relaxing beverage in this amazing mountain town.


#1. Proceeds help support the CCC Cross Country Teams

          There’s no better feeling than knowing your race registration will go towards helping fund the Coconino Community College Men’s and Women’s Cross Country programs. CCC Cross Country has officially kicked off their inaugural 2021 season thanks to amazing support from our community and donors. CCC Cross Country is 100% supported by donations and fundraising events such as the Flagstaff Marathon. The success of the Flagstaff Marathon is a vital part in funding both Cross Country programs and with your registration you can help be a part of that success. To donate directly to the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Teams at Coconino Community College please visit the link here!